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The Brown County Dairy Promotion Committee is committed to educating the youth of Brown County on the importance of agriculture, dairy consumption and nutrition. We accomplish this goal by offering educational tools free of charge to educators within Brown County.

AgroWorld Ezine -  Visit this website to sign up for the AgroWorld bimonthly E-zine which has been developed for educators and their students. Each issue features current events, classroom resources, activities, and grant opportunities that enhance standards based on science, applied technology, and social studies curricula. News you can use in your classroom today! 

Exploring Agricultural and Horticultural Careers  -    This resource is designed to help students explore different agricultural careers to increase awareness about this industry and to prepare individuals for a potential career path. Have you ever wondered what education/experience is needed, what is rewarding about a profession, the steps to take to get into it or the typical salary range? This site is where you can learn these answers for 23 unique agricultural jobs. Be sure to see the video/media section that has interviews featuring someone in that position.  One size doesn't fit all. The USDA has introduced a new graphic and website to provide consumers with easy to understand recommendations on how to incorporate a variety of nutrient-rich foods, including low-fat and fat-free milk, cheese and yogurt. Resources go beyond the milk and feature other calcium-rich food sources. Recipe's and menus are available to provide dairy-friendly solutions. Activities and coloring pages available on the website.  The national Dairy Council is offering Little D's (second grade) and Arianna's (fourth grade) Nutrition Expedition materials to educators free of charge. Visit this website to download lesson plans and supplemental information. You will also be able to view others resources available to educators. Learn about Wisconsin's dairy industry- caring for and sustaining our cows, natural resources, community, and economy. Meet the cows and the dairy farm families of Wisconsin! Watch videos about real dairy cows and dairy news in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin AG in the Classroom Get information about the essay contest and Soybean Science Kit. Download PDF files of the FunFacts of Wisconsin Agriculture. Lesson plans and review the annual AITC Resource guide, to help get you started bringing agriculture to your students. Learn about the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Matching Grant program. Visit this website for great information on these items plus much more.

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We hope you will find the links and activities within this section fun and educational. If you have a link or activity you would like to see added to this section, please email your suggestion to

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