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Brown County Dairy Promotions is pleased to offer programs to the students of Brown County FREE of charge! All programs are presented by a trained Dairy Ambassador from the Brown County Dairy Promotions team whose objective is to teach students of Brown County where their food comes from. Presentations that accompany your curriculum discussion on Wisconsin Agriculture will take booking priority.

BCDP has funding available for schools interested in visiting a dairy farm in Brown County. Please see the funding form for more information.

Field Trip Funding is Now Available!

Here are examples of two programs we offer:

A Farm of Many Colors

Grade: Kindergarten

Length: 45 minutes

A Farm of Many Colors is our Kindergarten storybook lesson with bright colors, Wisconsin foods, and real farm items. This lesson introduces students to the concept that fresh and healthy food comes from the farm. Students will also be introduced to a variety of foods from the 5 food groups, categorized by color. After listening to the story, students will discuss and answer questions about how food travels from the farm to the table. Each student also will receive their own copy of the book to keep and will have the opportunity to learn more about items used on a dairy farm.

My Field Trip to a Wisconsin Dairy Farm

Grade: 1st

Length: 45 Minutes

“My Field Trip to a Wisconsin Dairy Farm” takes children on a virtual tour of a Wisconsin farm through the “eyes” of first grader, Tyler Bowie and his journal takes notes of his field trip to the farm. Students will learn about the community of farming, how work done on a farm is based on the seasons, identify food origins and how to categorize foods by food groups. The ambassador will lead and assist the class in reading the story from PowerPoint. Students will enjoy having a small book to take home for their very own. 

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