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Promoting Dairy Education

Throughout Brown County, WI

Our Mission:

"To promote the importance of consuming dairy products and the economic significance of the agriculture industry in Brown County, Wisconsin"

How we achieve our mission:

Throughout the year we provide educational resources, programs, and events at no cost to schools or the community in Brown County. All programs are related to agriculture, dairy, and dairy nutrition.

In the Classroom:

Classroom Presentations

Education Kits

Teacher Resources & Lessons

Farm Tour Opportunities

In the Community:

Brown County Fair

Displays at Community Events

Career Days

Taste of Wisconsin

Breakfast on the Farm

How can you help us achieve our mission?

Attend the annual Breakfast on the Farm which is held at a Brown county family dairy farm. All proceeds from this event make it possible to continue to bring interactive learning programs free of charge into Brown County schools and libraries. If you cannot attend the Breakfast on the Farm and would like to support our cause, you can make a donation to the Brown County Dairy Promotion Committee.

Please send all donations of support to:

Rob Juneau, Treasurer

6033 West Cherney Road

Denmark, WI 54208

Cattle in Pasture



We are committed to educating the youth of Brown County on the importance of agriculture, dairy consumption, and nutrition. We accomplish this goal by offering programs and educational tools free of charge to educators within Brown County.

Aerial View of Farm


"Breakfast on the Farm is more than eating eggs sausage, cheese and more under a tent. It's an excellent experience for the public to visit a working dairy operation with their family. They can see the animals, milking parlor, and equipment used to harvest crops. Breakfast on the Farm is the one time a year where hundreds of volunteers come together to thank the dairy industry for all their hard work."

Mary Handrich / Ledgeview, WI



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